Nina Treichler

interactive app

︎ eng: rooted
︎ with ︎︎︎Valentine Leimgruber & ︎︎︎Yannick Pitton
︎ Budget Participatif Winner 20’000 CHF

This immersive project aims to encourage Lausanne’s residents to explore neighbourhoods they usually wouldn’t visit by inviting them to discover the city’s biggest and tallest trees.
Through this an interactive app, the user searches for vaguely indexed trees which will then reveal, through narration, the history of the area in which it flourishes.
This project is sponsored and endorsed by the city of Lausanne and won the Budget Participatif (20’000 CHF) thanks to the public’s vote.
While its release date is set for 2024, our progress can be tracked on the ︎︎︎Enracinés instagram.

ig: manskken