Nina Treichler

여기 저기 어디
photography, editorial, writing

︎ eng: here, there, where
︎ ECAL diploma project
︎ between Seoul and Lausanne

여기 저기 어디 is the story of a young Swiss-Iranian-American woman who struggles to find her place within her cultural heritage, who somehow finds (a part of) herself in a culture which isn’t her own. It is a subjective interpretation of the complexities of identity and cultural belonging. It is a dialogue between the given self and the chosen self. It is an exploration of a constructed reality, a hazy state of in between, an absurd space that feels perfectly familiar yet utterly foreign.
It is a dance between Lausanne and Seoul, an endless chase between here and there within a mysterious where. It is everyday contingencies as a stage for my fragmented identities. 

ig: manskken