Nina Treichler

Swiss — Korean market by 4321kr
graphic design

︎ organised by ︎︎︎ 4321kr
︎ with ︎︎︎ 윤민구

“Swiss-Korea X-mas Market” is a Christmas market with designer’s products organized by 4321kr. This year the market was selected to celebrate the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Switzerland by the Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul.  The theme of the market is “blooming friendship between Switzerland and Korea”.
Every designer will create objects for each other's country: Swiss-based designers will design Korean items and Korea-based designers will design Swiss items. All objects can be purchased during the “Swiss-Korea X-mas Market” in Seoul in December 2023.

art direction, photography

︎ for  ︎︎︎ tümülü jewelry

A commissioned project for a Pyrenees based jeweler who works with molten pewter. 
The series explores the organic, shape-shifting nature of the soft metal through a poetic and editorial eye.

Looking for 物の哀れ
editorial, writing

︎ eng: mono no aware
︎ ECAL thesis supervised by ︎︎︎Alexandru Balgiù

A written experiment in which I attempt to find the feeling of 物の哀れ. In this essay I personify the concept and chase her, trying to introduce her to my close ones.
As someone of mixed heritage who questions my cultural belonging, I have always been quite curious about the ways in which other cultures view, experience and thick of the world. Japanese culture resonates with me in particular because of its sensitivity to transience and death. There is a constant, gentle melancholia that is embraced within this culture which which strikes a chord.

Standandi Steinar
editorial, photography

︎ eng: Standing Stones

In a first step, a visual diary of 6 months spent in Iceland - it is the tale of desolate lands, meandering ghosts and burning soil.
In a second step, it is an editorial piece, elaborated 2 years later, reminiscing and pondering an everlasting Icelandic winter.

interactive app

︎ eng: rooted
︎ with ︎︎︎Valentine Leimgruber & ︎︎︎Yannick Pitton
︎ Budget Participatif Winner 20’000 CHF

This immersive project aims to encourage Lausanne’s residents to explore neighbourhoods they usually wouldn’t visit by inviting them to discover the city’s biggest and tallest trees.
Through this an interactive app, the user searches for vaguely indexed trees which will then reveal, through narration, the history of the area in which it flourishes.
This project is sponsored and endorsed by the city of Lausanne and won the Budget Participatif (20’000 CHF) thanks to the public’s vote.
While its release date is set for 2024, our progress can be tracked on the ︎︎︎Enracinés instagram.

What is in my Mind?

︎ with ︎︎︎김지영
︎ between Seoul and Lausanne

While still in its early stages, What is in my Mind? is a collaborative research project questioning the subconscious, deconstructing memory and exploring meditative states of mind.
It is an attempt to construct the intangibility of a state of mind through a visual diary.
Loosely based on the viral video format of What is in my Bag?, our project treats the mind like a suitcase, or emotional baggage, materializing sensations and thoughts.
My partner and I have a fascination for the lingering sadness and bittersweet untertones of life which is the focus of this project.

ig: manskken